Urban violence, conflict and safe cities

I have undertaken three research projects on urban violence and conflict, and more recently worked on gender and safe cities. Starting the 1990s when violence was not considered a development problem, my research and associated advisory work, capacity building and publications has covered a range of issues.

  • This is best summarized in two volumes of the Journal Environment and Urbanization which I special edited – a decade apart- the second with Cathy McIlwaine:
  • Moser & C. McIlwaine (2014) ‘Editorial: New frontiers of 21st century urban conflict and violence’, Environment and Urbanization Vol. 26 No 2, October
  • Moser (2004)‘Editor’s Introduction: Urban violence and insecurity: An introductory roadmap’, Environment and Urbanization Vol. 16 No 2 Oct. pp. 3-16

Brief details of the research projects include the following:

  • Understanding the Tipping Point of Urban Conflict: Violence, Cities and Poverty Reduction in the Developing World (2010-2012) PI of ESRC/DFID funded project  with collaborating research institutions in Nairobi, Kenya (political violence), Santiago, Chile (gender-based violence), Patna, India (poverty and violence) and Dili, Timor Leste (youth violence).  (see urbantippingpoint.org/)
  • Participatory Urban Appraisal of Violence in Colombia and Guatemala (1997-2000). PI of PUA of urban violence undertaken in 9 cities each in Colombia and Guatemala, in collaboration with local 20 researchers, trained in participatory methodology.
  • Moser and C. McIlwaine (2004) Encounters with Violence in Latin America: Urban poor perceptions from Colombia and Guatemala, London and New York, Routledge
  • Linked to this was a framework for violence reduction in Central America (2002), providing inputs for violence reduction project in Nicaragua
  • Lead the team writing the World Bank’s first ESW on violence in Colombia (1995)
  • Gender, political violence and safe cities
  • Moser (2012) ‘Mainstreaming women’s safety in cities into gender-based policy and programmes,’ Gender and Development, November.
  • Participatory Urban Appraisal of Violence and Poverty in Jamaica (1995). PI of World Bank study, undertaken with the University of West Indies in five urban communities. Results introduced into Jamaica Social Investment Fund.

Moser & J. Holland (1997) Urban Poverty and Violence in Jamaica World Bank Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Viewpoints, Washington DC, World Bank

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